After studying the History of Art & Design to Postgraduate level, I discovered that I preferred making things to talking about them.

I am fascinated by materials which alter state and I work in wool, metal and glass.

Process inspires me, whether in felt-making, dyeing or metalsmithing. I like my work to grow organically, with the results of each step suggesting the next direction to be taken. Being surprised and slightly off-kilter makes me feel at my most creative, leading me in unexpected directions which otherwise wouldn't occur to me.

The plasticity of wool is fascinating, its malleability as felt gives it qualities more akin to clay than to woven textiles and I work by playing with this quality. It also accepts colour readily, which adds to the joy of working. Similary, aluminium is a wonderful medium for dyeing and continues the overall narrative of my work which centres on the uplifting nature of vibrant colours.

The stranger forms of nature, plant and animal are great sources of inspiration, as is the place of wool and colour in the historical and archaeological record.